“Feeling the Heat: An Anthology of 8 Steamy Stories”

FtH Cover Final-300x300

Feeling the Heat is a sexy new anthology featuring eight of today’s most prolific and successful authors. Included are works by Virginia Wade, Terry Towers, Jade K. Scott, Cheri Verset, Carl East, Angel Wild, Saffron Sands, and Raquel Rogue.

These stories are of the taboo nature of relationships, dark, hidden, fantasies, and temptation.

I wrote a new story for this anthology titled, “His Hidden Room”. Claudia arrives home for Thanksgiving and discovers her stepfather has built a secret sex chamber in the basement. Her mother’s death has been difficult to process, and although they are still reeling from the loss, Claudia and Jack find themselves growing closer. An attraction that neither ever dared to acknowledge blossoms…and it’s only a matter of time before they give into temptation.

Interview with the Sasquatch


Hello, Leonard. Thank you for sitting down with us.


You’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest your entire life; do you remember your father at all?

He dead.

How did he die?

Light from sky killed him.

Do you remember how old you were when this happened?

Very little.

You’re a father now yourself. How many children do you have?

Lendal and Maggy.

There are only supposed to be male Bigfoots, yet you had a girl. Is that rare?


Is that a yes?


The mother of your children is Porsche Delessops. Is it true that you kidnapped her?

Pretty Porsche…

How did you meet?

I smelled her. Followed scent.

Then you kidnapped her?

She mine.

All right, so after you “met”, she became a part of your tribe?


I’ll take that as a yes. How do you feel about the fact that she’s married to Mike Tancardie?

Mike’s good guy.

You don’t mind sharing Porsche with him?

Blank stare from Leonard.

Okay, so she’s married to Mike and spending part of the year with the tribe and part of the year with him, how do you make it work?

Another blank stare.

You’ve spent some time with her younger sister, Lena. Is she still with the tribe?

Lena pretty girl. Huge smile from Leonard, baring strong-looking teeth. Pretty.

You’ve spent some…alone time with Lena in a cave. Was Porsche jealous of this when she found out?

Lena’s nice. Gggrrrr…pretty pussy…

Um…okay. Your leader, Bubba, died a few years ago. Now that you’re the head of the tribe, what are your hopes for the future?


What direction are you taking the tribe in? What are your goals?

More pussy…more chocolate.

Goodness. Laughs. Okay, now that the Bigfoot hunters are gone, what is the biggest challenge for the tribe?

Finding pretty pussy.

Will Porsche stay with you or is she going to leave?

She stay.

Would you let her go, if she decides one day that she doesn’t want to stay?

She’s free girl. Pretty girl…love my Porsche. She stay.

There’s a new member of the tribe named Brutus. Some say that Porsche is quite fond of him. Are you worried that he might steal her away from you?

Whooaaarrrr… bares teeth

Looks like that might be a sore subject. Are you at all worried about these genetically modified apes? Are they dangerous?

We teach them to be like us.

Oh, I see.

They fine.

Besides chocolate and…um…pussy, what other things do you enjoy?


sighs Do you worry your tribe will be hunted by the outside world, especially now that people know Sasquatches really exist?


Well, thank you, Leonard for talking with us.

You pretty.


You pretty woman.

Oh, thank you.

Me like pretty women.

Mouth drops open. Is that…oh, my God!

Ggrrrr… grins, flashing teeth

T-that has to be at least…a…foot long!

You suck Leonard’s cock.

Um, okay. I think we’re about done here.

You make Leonard happy.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you, but…I gotta get outta here right now!


Oh, my God. No, no! OH, MY GOD!

Two Steamy Bundles Are Now Available


Caught In The Act is a collection of stories from best-selling authors Ellen Dominick, Carl East, Virginia Wade, Cheri Verset, Angel Wild, Lainey Price, Poly J Adams, and Jade K Scott.

I wrote a new story, Heather Undercover, for this anthology, which is about an industrial spy getting caught stealing corporate secrets, and then facing the consequences of her actions.

In Monster, Fantasy Hits of The Year, seven of today’s most popular erotica writers offer up previously published, steamy tales of paranormal encounters with scary, yet naughty creatures bent on seduction.

On a side note, the recent media attention given to the Moan for Bigfoot series has been surreal and exciting. It’s been fun doing interviews and radio shows to answer everyone’s foremost burning question: does the well-endowed hairy one really exist? Um…my answer would be—only in my dirty mind.

I’m not sure what I will do with the Cum For Bigfoot series. It’s pretty much played out at this point, although I do have some ideas of perhaps writing an entirely different book with new characters. This would include another scary, yet horny Sasquatch, and a fresh take on the genre, which I’m apparently queen of. Now, I just need to carve out some time to write on this project.

I also want to thank all my awesome Twitter peeps, who tirelessly tweet and retweet on my behalf. And thank you EWS forum peeps, for joining me on this crazy journey, as you know in detail of all my shenanigans, triumphs, and disasters. We are bonded through thick and thin.

Stacy’s Breaking The Rules

S Vegas Cover RC1-200

Stacy’s Breaking The Rules, Vegas Reunion is now available!

Several years ago, Stacy and the Boys introduced us to Stacy Anderson and Chloe Haggerty and their crazy, sexual adventures. Those escapades turned into a series of nine stories which are now in two anthologies: Total Nympho, The Stacy Collection and Total Nympho 2: The Stacy Collection.  

It’s three years later, and Stacy and Chloe are in Vegas for one wild weekend of booze, gambling, and sex. Stacy is on a mission to get an invite to the exclusive and mysterious BDSM club, Club Blasé, while Chloe finds herself attracted to a rich and charismatic man by the name of Gerard Alexander. But flirtations can be dangerous, especially with a billionaire who can offer a girl the world, and deliver.

Will what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas?

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A Doctor/Patient Erotic Romance

FW Cover RC1-200Lucy will do anything to have a baby…

After the latest round of infertility treatments have failed, Lucy’s doctor suggests another form of therapy, which shocks the lovely blonde. He’s established a private clinic for only a few select patients, who will have their pick of donors. The only catch is: they must be willing to engage in intercourse the old-fashioned way with the doctor watching!

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Who Killed Cole Custer? An Erotic Billionaire Murder Mystery

Who Cover RC1-200

Olivia Manson plans to confront her husband and his lover at a key party held at a lovely estate. What she did not expect to find was their congenial host, Cole Custer, dead on the floor of the library. While being questioned, Olivia and Detective Brandon Lock find themselves in a compromising position. As things fall apart and marriages crumble, she suspects she might have found the man of her dreams.

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“Oh, my goodness.” I’d dropped the towel, but thankfully, it was dim enough that Detective Lock could not see me. I’d just barely put it in place again, when I bumped into him, his hands connecting with my shoulders. “I—oh, sorry.”

“It’s darker than hell.”

“It is.” We were surprisingly close. My senses were inundated with his aftershave, which gave off a woodsy and citrus aroma. “Wonder when they’ll come back on again?” His fingers pressed into my skin. The touch was entirely unexpected, but…it felt rather nice. “Do you think I’m a bad person for going behind my husband’s back?”

“You said he was cheating.”

“He is. She’s here too. It’s Wendy Pike. You should really grill her about it. Make her totally uncomfortable. She deserves it.”

“You sound vindictive.”

“I might be. I hate her.”

“That’s an awfully strong emotion.”

“She’s destroying my marriage.”

“Don’t you think your husband might be playing a part in that as well?”

“I guess.”

“I’m sorry you’re going through this.”

His concern was bewildering. “T-thank you.” He had yet to let go of me; his proximity was far too intimate, far too pleasing. “I usually don’t like cops. I’ve probably said all the wrong things. I’ve probably incriminated myself seven ways to Sunday.”

“You probably have.” There was a sultry quality to his baritone.

“Will you arrest me?”

“I might have to.”

For some reason, his threat didn’t alarm me. In fact, he moved even closer now, his grip was firm. I was only inches from his face, his cologne teasing me mercilessly. “Mr—detective. Um…I’m not sure what’s happening here…but—”

His lips covered mine, initiating a perplexing kiss. This wasn’t supposed to happen, was it? Was this an interrogation technique used on females only? Finding him utterly attractive and more than dangerous, I gave in, nearly falling into him, while his arms encircled my back. The towel was history in that moment, landing at my feet. I’d never kissed a stranger before, and I hadn’t planned on this. Now that it was upon me, I found myself enjoying every second of his full, moist lips, his inquisitive tongue, and the way he groaned when I moved against him.

His hands drifted down my back, cupping my buttocks, lifting me onto a hard cock, hidden behind his pants. “Oh, Jesus,” he uttered.


He picked me up, while I wrapped my legs around him, as we stumbled towards the bed. Things had escalated rapidly, taking a decidedly erotic turn. I landed beneath him; his lips were on my neck, biting and kissing, while he fumbled with his pants, undoing the belt, lowering the zipper. Because of the darkness, he was mostly in shadow, but wherever my fingers touched him, I felt heat and sinew. He was in fine shape; his muscles were firm and his stomach taut. A hand fell upon on my thigh, fingers sliding inwards, grazing my pussy. In the space of a few seconds, the encounter had transformed into a fire that now blazed out of control. His cock pressed to my sodden entrance, and, as he groaned, he slid deep, filling me to the balls.

“Oh, my…God!” I flung my head back onto the bed, surrendering completely to a stranger, who more than likely thought I was a suspect. The questioning had begun innocently enough, but this was truly shocking. “Is this really happening?” I sounded breathless.

“Yes,” he rasped, thrusting, pressing into me.

My clitoris felt huge, engorged with arousal. I wrapped my legs around him, drawing him nearer. “Mr—Brandon…ooohhh…”

“You can blame it all on me…later,” he rasped. “You’re one beautiful woman. Jesus, fuck!”

I lifted my hips to match his thrusts, reveling in the feel of him inside of me. He drove all the way to my womb, massaging every silken inch of my tunnel. I’d not wanted to have sex with any of the men at the party tonight, but this man, this masculine hunk of testosterone, he was all mine.

“Are you…married?”

“No, ma’am.”




“None of the above.”

“Oh, thank…God.” I clung to him, locking my ankles. “Oh, yes. Fuck me!” I dug my fingernails into his buttocks, feeling hints of perspiration. He thrust almost relentlessly, my body tensing, preparing for a blistering orgasm. “Oh, yes! More! Oh, God…it’s so good!” I moaned deep in my throat, shuddering beneath him. He gave me no quarter. Thrusting vigorously, his breath was raspy in my ear.

Bigfoot 15

B81xThe love… the sex… and the endearing characters of Virginia Wade’s naughty Bigfoot saga set out for another adventure.

In “Cum For Bigfoot 15″, Porsche’s about to give birth again, and what happens next is a shocker! After rejoining the tribe, the clan is on the move, but first, someone from the past emerges for a surprise reunion. The gang sets out for fertile hunting grounds, encountering a rival tribe. Porsche develops feelings for a hunky Bigfoot leader, which threatens her relationship with Leonard.

This story contains erotic romance, orgies, threesomes, oral and anal sex, and lactation erotica. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

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“Oh, that sucks.” I got up to stretch my legs, but strong hands suddenly gripped me, and I found myself in Brutus’s lap. I was so stunned, I gasped. Leonard glared at him, but remained unmoved, the pipe hanging out of the corner of his mouth. “Uh…hello.” A cold, wet nose was on my neck. He sniffed, but the exploration didn’t stop there, as he pulled me even closer, his cock pressing into my bottom. His nose was on the back of my neck, my hair in his face.

“Looks like you made a new friend, Porsche.” Leslie placed a log in the fire. “Yep. That’s darn right friendly of you.”

“God, way to manhandle me, buddy.” I pushed against him, trying to free myself, but he was determined to paw me, his hips shifting, lifting the hardened length of his phallus.

This annoyed Leonard, who grunted. “We eat first, then fuck. Not the other way around. Let my woman go!”

“I smell milk,” he rasped. “It’s sweet, like honey.”

Knowing the Sasquatches like I did, the inquisitiveness of this newcomer wasn’t fear producing. I found his interest amusing; his reaction was entirely predictable. A hand closed around a breast, although I wore a bra and shirt. The harsh, deepening staccato of his breathing dampened my neck.

“May I take her now?”

To my consternation, Leonard seemed to be mulling this question over. It was commonplace to share women. It was also a sign of goodwill as well to other tribes, but we normally did not engage in sex until after the little ones had gone to bed. It was thrilling to be lusted after in such a manner. The feeling of Brutus’s cock pressing into my pussy was distracting.

“Take her to a hut.”

My mouth fell open. “Leonard!”

He shrugged, grinning crookedly. “He’ll pleasure you.”

Before I could say another word, I found myself being lifted into the air and carried across the camp, while the tribe watched. “Leonard! You little shit!” I’d been hiking all day, and I was tired and starving. I had hoped to eat first before…having sex. “Ugh!”

The hut was surprisingly tidy, with bedding made out of thick animal pelts. It smelled like Sasquatch, musky and slightly rank. Each Sasquatch was a unique entity, and some did not care if the woman found pleasure. I braced myself for how Brutus would be, and, as he drew me to him, his lips covered mine, igniting a surprisingly sweet kiss. This told me all I needed to know, easing my mind substantially.

He’d grasped my shorts, yanking them down my thighs, while his tongue swept the inside of my mouth. I clung to him, nearly nude now, the ape being adept at removing clothing. My bra fell from my shoulders, releasing the abundance of my breasts. His hands grasped the mounds, discharging a flow of milk. He grabbed me, pressing his face into the flesh, while his lips captured a nipple. Groaning, he suckled both nipples at once, indulging in a spray of milk, which wetted his matted fur.

“Oh, you boys are all the same.”

There was something in the timber of my voice that produced a primal groan from him. We shifted, and I found myself on the fur, the eyes of a lusty Sasquatch staring at me. “You pretty girl,” he rasped.

“Thanks.” Something flared in his eyes, which produced a maelstrom of tingles that shot straight into my pussy. “What are you going to do to me?”

He grinned slightly. “Make you my woman.”

That sent a shiver up my spine.

Bible Camp Romance

B80xEmily Stewart is about to have a spiritual awakening…

Working as a counselor at a local Bible camp, Emily finds herself in a precarious situation after Joshua Becker, the camp director, discovers her with alcohol. She’s soon over his knees being punished, as he spanks her firm, delectable derriere. His plans for Emily include seducing the blonde beauty, exploring every inch of her lush, feminine curves, and impregnating her virgin womb.

This story contains virgin sex, spanking, bondage, seduction, oral sex, lesbian sex, impregnation sex, and erotic romance. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

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“Hi, I don’t remember meeting you.” His arm was about my back, while he held my wrist. We turned gently to the music, while the lights of the disco ball flashed. “And you are?”

“Emily Stewart.”

His gaze sharpened, as he leaned in, sniffing. “You’re drunk.”

Panic gripped me. “N-no, sir.” Now he was too close, his cologne teasing me, woodsy with citrus undertones.

“I should expel you right now. I doubt you’re twenty-one. Alcohol is expressly forbidden.”

“Um…it was cough syrup. I…have a cold.”

“You’re a horrible liar as well.”

“Oh, please, sir. I’m sorry! I’ve never even had a drink before until just now. My parents will be really pissed, I mean angry with me, if I get kicked out. This is the worst thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. Well, I did break my mother’s Lladro angel once, but…I’m so sorry.”

My predicament seemed to amuse him, a strange light shone in his eyes. “Never had alcohol before, huh?”

“No, never.”

“This is the worst thing you’ve ever done in your whole life?”

I nodded. “Pretty much.”

He seemed to mull over those words. “That’s not much of a life.”

“No, sir. My parent’s are really strict.”


“What will you do?”

“You’ll need to be reprimanded.”

“What?” He led me from the floor, as onlookers ogled us. “Where are we going?”

“To my office.”

“Oh.” The hallway was darkened; the lights were off. He flung open a door, revealing a dim room. A hint of moon shone through a window. Turning on a small lamp on a table, he pivoted to face me.

“Now, Emily.”


“I have to set an example of you, otherwise I’m a total failure as camp director, and we can’t have that.”

“Are you gonna put me on bathroom duty?”

“There’s an idea, but no.”

“What will you do?” My parent’s would be devastated if they knew I had been drinking. I stood before him with shaking knees, wringing my hands. Camp hadn’t even started yet and I had already gotten into trouble.

“I have an idea.” He had shut the door, the sound of the base thumping through the wall. “You’ve been a bad girl. You’ve broken the rules and the law. I can’t let this infringement go without addressing it, now can I?”

I gulped. “No, n-no sir.”

“Good.” He smiled slightly. “We’re on the same page.” He took a seat in a leather chair. “Now, come here and take your punishment.”


He patted his knee. “Be a good girl and lean over my legs so I can spank you.”

Bred by Pastor Green

PG Cover RC1-200

After years of struggling with infertility, Tamara and Doug are in marriage counseling. Tamara suspects her husband of cheating, but she also harbors her own secret: a serious, panty-wetting crush on their counselor, Pastor Green.

The distinguished-looking, gray-haired preacher is sympathetic to the needs of his parishioners, but the attraction he feels towards Tamara far exceeds these considerations. Lust seems to override his better judgment…leading him down the path of temptation…straight into the arms of sin.

This story contains breeding sex, erotic romance, oral sex, and adultery. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

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“H-how are you?”

I had to tamp down the excitement that began to bubble in my tummy. He was concerned only on a professional basis, as he was my marriage counselor. “I’m fine.”

“Will we still be seeing you and your husband on Tuesday?”


“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“He doesn’t want to continue the counseling.” Our eyes met, while my breathing kicked up another notch.

“I’ll…” he reached for the door, pushing it closed, which was a shock. “I’m sorry to hear that, Mrs—Tamara. Are things better between you?”

“Not really.”

“Perhaps, he’ll change his mind.”

“I doubt it.”

His look betrayed sadness, which caught me off guard. Was I to be pitied? Should I feel sorry for myself? I had given in to bouts of depression over the years, because of my inability to get pregnant, but this recent development, my husband’s unfaithfulness, which hadn’t been proven yet, was a source of anger, not sadness. He seemed to find it pitiable that my marriage wasn’t as solid as it should be.

I took a step towards him, anxiously, thinking to leave, but his hand closed around my elbow, halting me. “Perhaps, I could speak to him. I might be able to change his mind. It’s a shame that things have not gone better, but it does take the effort of both partners to achieve success. You seem to want it more than he does.”

“I want to have a baby…” I murmured softly. “I…wish I could have one.”

In that moment, our eyes locked, as a wealth of attraction passed between us. His hand had yet to leave my elbow, and it felt warm, comforting. We were so close…far too close, yet it wasn’t enough.

“I’m sorry you’ve not been successful…Tamara.”

“I’ve been married for six years. I wanted a baby on my wedding night. I’m still waiting.”

Something flared in his eyes, his look darkening. The grip on my elbow tightened, and then a remarkable event occurred, as he wound his arm around the base of my back, pulling me to him. I could hardly catch my breath, the shock registering in waves. It was like one of my fantasies having come true, the desire to be in his arms, to be the center of his attention…and I was. He gazed at me, seemingly torn for a moment, conflicted, his chest rising and falling, but I couldn’t let the moment pass and disappear without telling him how I felt.

“Oh, Mr—Pastor Green. I…oh, my goodness.”


The feel of his arm around my back, the possessive nature of the embrace, sent a ripple of desire through me, drenching my panties with musky nectar—proof of my shame. But I could have cared less. I focused on his lips: pink, plump, inviting-looking, which I so desperately wanted to kiss.

“Oh, please…I might faint, if you don’t kiss me.”



Breeding the Lusty Babysitter

Breeding the Lusty BabysitterWhile babysitting for the Schumachers, Danica finds a hidden stash of naughty, homemade DVDs. What she sees arouses her to such an extent…that she takes matters into her own hands.

But…two can play this game, and unbeknownst to the busty blonde, the Schumacher’s have a secret of their own. A naughty plan is set into motion to not only seduce Danica, but to impregnate her…with Mr. Schumacher’s seed.

This story contains voyeurism, a threesome, masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, lesbian sex, oral and anal creampies, and impregnation sex. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

Amazon US – Amazon UK – Barnes & Noble Nook – Smashwords

It would be another hour before they were home, and, on a hunch, I ventured to their bedroom, taking a quick glance around the minimalist space. There was a cabinet across from the bed, which had my interest. After opening the doors, I spied a small television and a DVD player. Wondering what sorts of movies the Schumacher’s liked to watch in bed, I glanced at a stack of DVDs. Most of them were older movies, but some on a lower shelf looked promising. To my annoyance, they were all workout DVDs. Closing the cabinet, I opened a drawer or two, feeling around for anything interesting.

I knew snooping wasn’t ethical, but I was bored, and who could be this dull? There had to be a sex toy somewhere. I glanced at myself in the dresser mirror, seeing a blonde with pale blue eyes. I knew I was attractive, having been told so from an early age, and I had relied on my looks most of my life, but the expression on my face gave me pause. There was something predatory in my appearance, aggressive…needy? All the snooping had made me yearn to find something illicit to prove that this goody two-shoes couple had a naughty secret or two up their sleeve. I felt around in the bottom of a drawer, finding nothing.

Thinking that I had heard a car, I raced from the room, realizing belatedly that I had left the lights on. If they were in the driveway, they would know I had been in their bedroom. I panicked on the stairs, turning back, rushing to their room, and throwing down the light switch. Once downstairs, I peeked out the window seeing nothing in the driveway.

“Oh, Lord,” I muttered. The dog came over, and I petted his head. “Hey, Max.” He licked my hand.

Wandering into the kitchen, I searched the pantry for a snack, finding cookies and crackers and things. Nibbling on a cookie, an idea struck me, as the spinning of my slightly twisted and naughty mind propelled my feet towards the stairs again. In the hallway, I listened outside Amanda’s door, hearing nothing. Five feet away, I entered the bedroom once again, wandering to the cabinet. Opening the creaky door, I glanced at the DVD player, seeing something I hadn’t before. There was a small black bag nearby, and after unzipping the top; I glimpsed a DVD camcorder. I knew my hunch hadn’t been for naught. With renewed fervor, I searched through the pile of DVDs again, opening the jackets and examining the movie titles carefully. They were all professional, Hollywood studio productions.

I examined the workout DVDs once more, but this time, I took a moment to open each jacket individually, realizing that these were not what they seemed to be. Jackpot! Excitement shot through me, as the hair stood up on my arms.

“Oh, gotcha!”

The outside of the jacket said Ann Austen’s Pilates Workout, but the note that had been scribbled on the DVD was something entirely different. It read: Erika swallows. My mouth fell open.

“Oh, you’re so busted.” The second workout title read: Erika gets a facial. “Oh, I just bet she does.” My heart hammered in my chest, and I glanced at my watch, checking the time. I would never be able to see the entire DVD, but I was bursting to! I turned on the player, pressing the open button and placed the disk inside. Closing the drawer, I pushed the ON button on the TV, finding the source in DVD mode already.

Holding the remote control in one hand, I sat on the bed; nearly trembling with anticipation, wondering what this was going to look like. As the first images flashed across the screen, the sight of Erika Schumacher in a bra and panties, I thought I might die of shock. If that wasn’t enough to set my pulses racing into hyperdrive, the camera panned downwards, focusing on what looked like an enormous erection, a cock so swollen it leaked clear fluid.

“Hel-lo, Mr. Schumacher.”