Stacy’s Breaking The Rules

by virginiawadeauthor

S Vegas Cover RC1-200

Stacy’s Breaking The Rules, Vegas Reunion is now available!

Several years ago, Stacy and the Boys introduced us to Stacy Anderson and Chloe Haggerty and their crazy, sexual adventures. Those escapades turned into a series of nine stories which are now in two anthologies: Total Nympho, The Stacy Collection and Total Nympho 2: The Stacy Collection.  

It’s three years later, and Stacy and Chloe are in Vegas for one wild weekend of booze, gambling, and sex. Stacy is on a mission to get an invite to the exclusive and mysterious BDSM club, Club Blasé, while Chloe finds herself attracted to a rich and charismatic man by the name of Gerard Alexander. But flirtations can be dangerous, especially with a billionaire who can offer a girl the world, and deliver.

Will what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas?

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