“Feeling the Heat: An Anthology of 8 Steamy Stories”

by virginiawadeauthor

FtH Cover Final-300x300

Feeling the Heat is a sexy new anthology featuring eight of today’s most prolific and successful authors. Included are works by Virginia Wade, Terry Towers, Jade K. Scott, Cheri Verset, Carl East, Angel Wild, Saffron Sands, and Raquel Rogue.

These stories are of the taboo nature of relationships, dark, hidden, fantasies, and temptation.

I wrote a new story for this anthology titled, “His Hidden Room”. Claudia arrives home for Thanksgiving and discovers her stepfather has built a secret sex chamber in the basement. Her mother’s death has been difficult to process, and although they are still reeling from the loss, Claudia and Jack find themselves growing closer. An attraction that neither ever dared to acknowledge blossoms…and it’s only a matter of time before they give into temptation.