Lily (A Novel)

Lily Cover-300

Greetings and naughty salutations!

I just published the novel Lily. This story is set in 1815, and is lushly romantic. I used to read romance novels like an addict, gobbling down three or four a week for years (my shameful past), so it’s no surprise that I’ve finally published one of these little beauties, although it is liberally sprinkled with Virginia Wade style sex, as it should be.

Here’s the description:

After a tragic fire, Lily Burgess suddenly finds herself in a stranger’s care. Lord Edward Sinclair is hardly in any position to look after a young woman, especially considering that he is an unmarried gentleman. The idea of Lily in his home is scandalous, but the moment he sets eyes on the fragile beauty, his entire world is turned upside down.

On the very first night, when a thunderstorm sends her to his chamber, he struggles with his desires, and, as the days wear on, Lily charms him and tempts him like no other. But Edward is not a free man, an engagement to an American heiress, Catherine Grace, has been in the works for months. Unable to resist the pull of Lily, Edward devises a scheme to marry her to her tutor, who is enamored of his pupil.

Once Edward’s new wife arrives at the estate, Lily is put in an awkward position, especially after her liaison with Edward is discovered. Just when the situation is at its bleakest, tragic news arrives, and Catherine finds herself seeking comfort from the one woman she has sworn to loathe for all eternity. Can Lily weave her particular brand of magic again and heal a broken heart?

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