Month: March, 2013

Bred by Pastor Green

PG Cover RC1-200

After years of struggling with infertility, Tamara and Doug are in marriage counseling. Tamara suspects her husband of cheating, but she also harbors her own secret: a serious, panty-wetting crush on their counselor, Pastor Green.

The distinguished-looking, gray-haired preacher is sympathetic to the needs of his parishioners, but the attraction he feels towards Tamara far exceeds these considerations. Lust seems to override his better judgment…leading him down the path of temptation…straight into the arms of sin.

This story contains breeding sex, erotic romance, oral sex, and adultery. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

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“H-how are you?”

I had to tamp down the excitement that began to bubble in my tummy. He was concerned only on a professional basis, as he was my marriage counselor. “I’m fine.”

“Will we still be seeing you and your husband on Tuesday?”


“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“He doesn’t want to continue the counseling.” Our eyes met, while my breathing kicked up another notch.

“I’ll…” he reached for the door, pushing it closed, which was a shock. “I’m sorry to hear that, Mrs—Tamara. Are things better between you?”

“Not really.”

“Perhaps, he’ll change his mind.”

“I doubt it.”

His look betrayed sadness, which caught me off guard. Was I to be pitied? Should I feel sorry for myself? I had given in to bouts of depression over the years, because of my inability to get pregnant, but this recent development, my husband’s unfaithfulness, which hadn’t been proven yet, was a source of anger, not sadness. He seemed to find it pitiable that my marriage wasn’t as solid as it should be.

I took a step towards him, anxiously, thinking to leave, but his hand closed around my elbow, halting me. “Perhaps, I could speak to him. I might be able to change his mind. It’s a shame that things have not gone better, but it does take the effort of both partners to achieve success. You seem to want it more than he does.”

“I want to have a baby…” I murmured softly. “I…wish I could have one.”

In that moment, our eyes locked, as a wealth of attraction passed between us. His hand had yet to leave my elbow, and it felt warm, comforting. We were so close…far too close, yet it wasn’t enough.

“I’m sorry you’ve not been successful…Tamara.”

“I’ve been married for six years. I wanted a baby on my wedding night. I’m still waiting.”

Something flared in his eyes, his look darkening. The grip on my elbow tightened, and then a remarkable event occurred, as he wound his arm around the base of my back, pulling me to him. I could hardly catch my breath, the shock registering in waves. It was like one of my fantasies having come true, the desire to be in his arms, to be the center of his attention…and I was. He gazed at me, seemingly torn for a moment, conflicted, his chest rising and falling, but I couldn’t let the moment pass and disappear without telling him how I felt.

“Oh, Mr—Pastor Green. I…oh, my goodness.”


The feel of his arm around my back, the possessive nature of the embrace, sent a ripple of desire through me, drenching my panties with musky nectar—proof of my shame. But I could have cared less. I focused on his lips: pink, plump, inviting-looking, which I so desperately wanted to kiss.

“Oh, please…I might faint, if you don’t kiss me.”




Breeding the Lusty Babysitter

Breeding the Lusty BabysitterWhile babysitting for the Schumachers, Danica finds a hidden stash of naughty, homemade DVDs. What she sees arouses her to such an extent…that she takes matters into her own hands.

But…two can play this game, and unbeknownst to the busty blonde, the Schumacher’s have a secret of their own. A naughty plan is set into motion to not only seduce Danica, but to impregnate her…with Mr. Schumacher’s seed.

This story contains voyeurism, a threesome, masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, lesbian sex, oral and anal creampies, and impregnation sex. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

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It would be another hour before they were home, and, on a hunch, I ventured to their bedroom, taking a quick glance around the minimalist space. There was a cabinet across from the bed, which had my interest. After opening the doors, I spied a small television and a DVD player. Wondering what sorts of movies the Schumacher’s liked to watch in bed, I glanced at a stack of DVDs. Most of them were older movies, but some on a lower shelf looked promising. To my annoyance, they were all workout DVDs. Closing the cabinet, I opened a drawer or two, feeling around for anything interesting.

I knew snooping wasn’t ethical, but I was bored, and who could be this dull? There had to be a sex toy somewhere. I glanced at myself in the dresser mirror, seeing a blonde with pale blue eyes. I knew I was attractive, having been told so from an early age, and I had relied on my looks most of my life, but the expression on my face gave me pause. There was something predatory in my appearance, aggressive…needy? All the snooping had made me yearn to find something illicit to prove that this goody two-shoes couple had a naughty secret or two up their sleeve. I felt around in the bottom of a drawer, finding nothing.

Thinking that I had heard a car, I raced from the room, realizing belatedly that I had left the lights on. If they were in the driveway, they would know I had been in their bedroom. I panicked on the stairs, turning back, rushing to their room, and throwing down the light switch. Once downstairs, I peeked out the window seeing nothing in the driveway.

“Oh, Lord,” I muttered. The dog came over, and I petted his head. “Hey, Max.” He licked my hand.

Wandering into the kitchen, I searched the pantry for a snack, finding cookies and crackers and things. Nibbling on a cookie, an idea struck me, as the spinning of my slightly twisted and naughty mind propelled my feet towards the stairs again. In the hallway, I listened outside Amanda’s door, hearing nothing. Five feet away, I entered the bedroom once again, wandering to the cabinet. Opening the creaky door, I glanced at the DVD player, seeing something I hadn’t before. There was a small black bag nearby, and after unzipping the top; I glimpsed a DVD camcorder. I knew my hunch hadn’t been for naught. With renewed fervor, I searched through the pile of DVDs again, opening the jackets and examining the movie titles carefully. They were all professional, Hollywood studio productions.

I examined the workout DVDs once more, but this time, I took a moment to open each jacket individually, realizing that these were not what they seemed to be. Jackpot! Excitement shot through me, as the hair stood up on my arms.

“Oh, gotcha!”

The outside of the jacket said Ann Austen’s Pilates Workout, but the note that had been scribbled on the DVD was something entirely different. It read: Erika swallows. My mouth fell open.

“Oh, you’re so busted.” The second workout title read: Erika gets a facial. “Oh, I just bet she does.” My heart hammered in my chest, and I glanced at my watch, checking the time. I would never be able to see the entire DVD, but I was bursting to! I turned on the player, pressing the open button and placed the disk inside. Closing the drawer, I pushed the ON button on the TV, finding the source in DVD mode already.

Holding the remote control in one hand, I sat on the bed; nearly trembling with anticipation, wondering what this was going to look like. As the first images flashed across the screen, the sight of Erika Schumacher in a bra and panties, I thought I might die of shock. If that wasn’t enough to set my pulses racing into hyperdrive, the camera panned downwards, focusing on what looked like an enormous erection, a cock so swollen it leaked clear fluid.

“Hel-lo, Mr. Schumacher.”

Cum For Bigfoot Audiobook

Cum For Bigfoot Audiobook

 The first book of the Cum For Bigfoot series is now available as an audiobook on Amazon and Audible and is coming soon to iTunes.  The second audiobook in the Cum For Bigfoot series should be released in about another week.

Runtime is 83 min.

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As featured in the October 2012 issue of Penthouse Magazine.  

Book 1 of The Monster Sex Series

If you go into the woods today….

On a weeklong outing in Mt. Hood National Forest, what begins as a flirty, fun-filled trip soon turns into a nightmare, when an ape-like creature kidnaps a group of young women with the purpose of procreating with them.

This story contains oral sex, fingering, penetration with a large object, and and ménage à trois. All characters are 18 and above. Adult 18+

Cavegirl (Primitive Lust)

CG Cover-300

Cavegirl (Primitive Lust) is now available!

It’s the dawn of lust, Virginia Wade style.

I’ve decided to take a trip back in time with a naughty new series and exciting characters. Here is a description of Cavegirl:

Pitma’s parents must find a man who will mate their wild and independent daughter. Tristor might just be the perfect partner, if only Pitma wasn’t terrified of the idea of sex. Claiming the spunky cavegirl is something Tristor relishes, but it’s not just her lush, young body that captivates him; the ultimate prize is her heart.

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Here’s an excerpt from Cavegirl:

He seemed to tower over me; his look was stark. “You’re old enough to breed. You’ve a fine body. Your face…it’s lovely. If you refrain from talking, you might make a man happy.”

My mouth fell open. “Refrain from talking?”

“Men like their women submissive and meek. You’d do well to remember that.”

I laughed then, not being able to stop myself. “Meek? You mean cowering in fear? I don’t want a man like that.” I stepped onto the path, a foot higher. Now I was level with him, meeting his gaze. “I’ll not be some simpering fool who can’t take care of herself. If it weren’t for babies, I’d have no use for men at all. Not only do I find them repulsive and smelly,” I sniffed him, “but…I’d never submit to groping and grunting and…slobbering. I find it disgusting.” I hated that when he smiled like that, my tummy tingled. What on earth was happening here?

“You say that now,” he murmured. “Just wait until you’ve been in a man’s arms. Until you’ve been taken and ravished…and kissed.” His gaze lingered on my mouth. “You can’t judge something you’ve not experienced.”

I snorted. “This conversation is boring. You’re boring. I’ve other things to do.” My feet had a bouncy spring; the steps were surprisingly light. I’d enjoyed bantering with him, finding the exchange stimulating. I had lied about being bored. I couldn’t wait to argue with him again. “Come on, old man. You can make it up the hill.” I glanced over my shoulder, seeing him scowling at me.

Mother and Ersella were busy preparing the meat, some of which would be dried and eaten later. Wella was on a fur playing with bone carvings of animals, cooing happily. Tristor had come in behind me, gazing at us with an unreadable expression. I hardly paid him any notice, as I cut the fruit into pieces, but I could feel the weight of his stare burning holes into my back. It was peculiarly stimulating, knowing that I interested someone to such a degree that they would stand and stare. Tossing hair over my shoulder, I placed the fruit in a clay bowl, adding as much honey as I could, the fruit now floating in the sweet nectar. When the task was complete, I left the concoction over a portion of the fire, where it simmered lightly.

Mother was beside me. “What happened?” Her look was inquisitive.

“What do you mean?”

“You were gone a while.”

“We got honey.”

“He wants you.”

An intense burst of tingles shot into my tummy at that declaration.