Month: December, 2012

Cum For The Viking 5, Lora’s Surrender

CFTV5 Cover-160_72dpi

“Cum For The Viking 5” is out now!

Lora and Finn’s love affair is heating up, but after he’s called away to deal with pesky English insurgents, Lora finds herself alone. The Abbot’s reclaim their manor house, and the lovely brunette is forced to leave, seeking shelter in a Viking encampment and the bed of Bram Laxdale. Will she be reunited with Finn or is she destined to live alone in her wattle-and-daub hut on the cliff?

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Cum For The Viking Audiobook

vw002-cum-for-the-viking-audio-300pxThe first book of the Cum For The Viking series is now available as an audiobook on and and is coming soon to iTunes.  The second audiobook in the Cum For The Viking series should be released in another week.

Runtime is 76 min.

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In the lawless age of the Vikings…

Called a witch by the villagers, the lovely and abandoned Lora Green is confronted with an invasion of fair-haired raiders. Once captured, she finds herself in the clutches of Bram Laxdale, a Norseman of stunning good looks and sexual prowess. As if one seducer wasn’t enough, she meets Matheus Hrolf, a Danish merchant, who steals her innocence and her heart.

This story contains erotic romance, forced consent, virgin ravishment, a threesome, oral sex, and several lusty Vikings. All characters are eighteen and above. Adults 18+.

Cum For The Viking 4


In the fourth installment of the “Cum For The Viking” series, Lady Abbot Colby finds herself in the clutches of a domineering Danish king, who is determined to subdue the feisty English lass by spanking her into submission. Not content to be a Viking’s plaything, Charlotte schemes to thwart his plans, using the only weapon she has: her body.

…but the English have yet to rise against the invaders, and when they do, Charlotte meets a handsome knight on horseback, just returned from foreign shores, where he fought for God and country.


Who is this stranger?

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