Two Steamy Bundles Are Now Available


Caught In The Act is a collection of stories from best-selling authors Ellen Dominick, Carl East, Virginia Wade, Cheri Verset, Angel Wild, Lainey Price, Poly J Adams, and Jade K Scott.

I wrote a new story, Heather Undercover, for this anthology, which is about an industrial spy getting caught stealing corporate secrets, and then facing the consequences of her actions.

In Monster, Fantasy Hits of The Year, seven of today’s most popular erotica writers offer up previously published, steamy tales of paranormal encounters with scary, yet naughty creatures bent on seduction.

On a side note, the recent media attention given to the Moan for Bigfoot series has been surreal and exciting. It’s been fun doing interviews and radio shows to answer everyone’s foremost burning question: does the well-endowed hairy one really exist? Um…my answer would be—only in my dirty mind.

I’m not sure what I will do with the Cum For Bigfoot series. It’s pretty much played out at this point, although I do have some ideas of perhaps writing an entirely different book with new characters. This would include another scary, yet horny Sasquatch, and a fresh take on the genre, which I’m apparently queen of. Now, I just need to carve out some time to write on this project.

I also want to thank all my awesome Twitter peeps, who tirelessly tweet and retweet on my behalf. And thank you EWS forum peeps, for joining me on this crazy journey, as you know in detail of all my shenanigans, triumphs, and disasters. We are bonded through thick and thin.