Breeding the Lusty Babysitter

by virginiawadeauthor

Breeding the Lusty BabysitterWhile babysitting for the Schumachers, Danica finds a hidden stash of naughty, homemade DVDs. What she sees arouses her to such an extent…that she takes matters into her own hands.

But…two can play this game, and unbeknownst to the busty blonde, the Schumacher’s have a secret of their own. A naughty plan is set into motion to not only seduce Danica, but to impregnate her…with Mr. Schumacher’s seed.

This story contains voyeurism, a threesome, masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, lesbian sex, oral and anal creampies, and impregnation sex. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

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It would be another hour before they were home, and, on a hunch, I ventured to their bedroom, taking a quick glance around the minimalist space. There was a cabinet across from the bed, which had my interest. After opening the doors, I spied a small television and a DVD player. Wondering what sorts of movies the Schumacher’s liked to watch in bed, I glanced at a stack of DVDs. Most of them were older movies, but some on a lower shelf looked promising. To my annoyance, they were all workout DVDs. Closing the cabinet, I opened a drawer or two, feeling around for anything interesting.

I knew snooping wasn’t ethical, but I was bored, and who could be this dull? There had to be a sex toy somewhere. I glanced at myself in the dresser mirror, seeing a blonde with pale blue eyes. I knew I was attractive, having been told so from an early age, and I had relied on my looks most of my life, but the expression on my face gave me pause. There was something predatory in my appearance, aggressive…needy? All the snooping had made me yearn to find something illicit to prove that this goody two-shoes couple had a naughty secret or two up their sleeve. I felt around in the bottom of a drawer, finding nothing.

Thinking that I had heard a car, I raced from the room, realizing belatedly that I had left the lights on. If they were in the driveway, they would know I had been in their bedroom. I panicked on the stairs, turning back, rushing to their room, and throwing down the light switch. Once downstairs, I peeked out the window seeing nothing in the driveway.

“Oh, Lord,” I muttered. The dog came over, and I petted his head. “Hey, Max.” He licked my hand.

Wandering into the kitchen, I searched the pantry for a snack, finding cookies and crackers and things. Nibbling on a cookie, an idea struck me, as the spinning of my slightly twisted and naughty mind propelled my feet towards the stairs again. In the hallway, I listened outside Amanda’s door, hearing nothing. Five feet away, I entered the bedroom once again, wandering to the cabinet. Opening the creaky door, I glanced at the DVD player, seeing something I hadn’t before. There was a small black bag nearby, and after unzipping the top; I glimpsed a DVD camcorder. I knew my hunch hadn’t been for naught. With renewed fervor, I searched through the pile of DVDs again, opening the jackets and examining the movie titles carefully. They were all professional, Hollywood studio productions.

I examined the workout DVDs once more, but this time, I took a moment to open each jacket individually, realizing that these were not what they seemed to be. Jackpot! Excitement shot through me, as the hair stood up on my arms.

“Oh, gotcha!”

The outside of the jacket said Ann Austen’s Pilates Workout, but the note that had been scribbled on the DVD was something entirely different. It read: Erika swallows. My mouth fell open.

“Oh, you’re so busted.” The second workout title read: Erika gets a facial. “Oh, I just bet she does.” My heart hammered in my chest, and I glanced at my watch, checking the time. I would never be able to see the entire DVD, but I was bursting to! I turned on the player, pressing the open button and placed the disk inside. Closing the drawer, I pushed the ON button on the TV, finding the source in DVD mode already.

Holding the remote control in one hand, I sat on the bed; nearly trembling with anticipation, wondering what this was going to look like. As the first images flashed across the screen, the sight of Erika Schumacher in a bra and panties, I thought I might die of shock. If that wasn’t enough to set my pulses racing into hyperdrive, the camera panned downwards, focusing on what looked like an enormous erection, a cock so swollen it leaked clear fluid.

“Hel-lo, Mr. Schumacher.”